J. Hornig

Our mission is to deliver the most modern coffee experience to our customers.

J. Hornig – From Tradition to innovation and modernity

At J. Hornig, our love of roasting runs in the family. We’ve been practicing this craft for over 100 years – and we’re still really excited about it. Since 1912, we have been roasting only the finest beans from the very best growing regions in the world.

Direct Trade: The new way to trade coffee

Here at J. Hornig, when it comes to coffee quality, we like to take the direct route. Which is exactly what we do with our speciality line. The beans for this extraordinary coffee come directly from the farmers. Without any detours. This is called “Direct Trade”. This way of trading coffee brings farmers and roasters together at the same table. Both sides benefit – and, of course, so does the customer.

Hornig x VBF

“We are proud being part of the boylesque festival. We love to share our modern coffee experience to this special celebration“.
– Johannes Hornig

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