Ampelpärchen Rocks

Vienna’s Ampelpärchen (Traffic Lights Couples) are famous for getting everyone safe throu the city, don’t matter your sex, gender or sexual orientation. Since they started to their march through Vienna’s streets, the Ampelpärchen became an symbol for a divers and open version of Vienna.

Gymbags, fashion and even the original traffic lights, all our products are shining example how you can combine usefulness with sending a message and bring a dot of colour in everyday life. Located in the Hart of Vienna’s alternative culture in the 6th district Mariahilf our shop is an inevitable stop for presents, souvenirs and more.

Ampelpärchen Rocks x VBF
“To make Mariahilf a special place for everyone and to bring a unique idea to life here, is what connects the Boylesque festival with Ampelpärchen.Rocks. Together we stand and work for a city beyond outdated conventions. We want a city where everyone can live and love however they want.” – Peter Rubik

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