Appletiser stands for 100% fruit juice, gently sparkling. Appletiser’s success story originated more than 50 years ago in the South African in the Elgin Valley, when the French-Italian immigrant Edmond Lombardi laid the foundation stone for the company in 1966. Since 2016, Appletiser is owned by The Coca-Cola Company and is available in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Now Appletiser also finds its way into the Viennese trendy bars and delights with its fascinatingly refreshing taste and pleasantly scented aroma. Without added sugar or preservatives. Appletiser is positioned as a non-alcoholic aperitif alternative, but can also be used for mixing.

Appletiser original
The original delights you with 100% apple juice and a clear, golden look with a champagne-like sparkle. A luxurious apple juice that brings the extraordinary moments of each day to life.

Appletiser Pomegranate
The fascinating taste of the original Appletiser enriched with exotic pomegranate juice. Experience meets modernity in the elegant 275ml glass bottle.

Appletiser x VBF
Crown your night at VBF with Appletiser. #CrownTheMoment


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