Schalk : Pichler

Schalk : Pichler is providing you with a comprehensive medical and psychosocial concept. We understand the general practitioner in the age of the mechanization of medicine as a health manager which represents the human component in modern medicine and accompanies you through modern medicine.

The idea of prevention – not only treating diseases but also preventing them – plays an important role in our general practitioner’s practice. Among other things, we put this into practice by promoting preventive medical check-ups, organizing patient events and carrying out vaccinations. We also offer support in the areas of smoking cessation and obesity therapy.

Another major objective for us is providing care for same sex living couples. In our practice, homosexual people find an open atmosphere in which they can also address personal and intimate problems.

Schalk : Pichler x VBF
“The Vienna Boylesque Festival celebrates difference and created a place where everyone is welcome equally, our practice stands for the same values. We are proud partners of this magical event” – Schalk : Pichler

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