MY.SIZE – your perfect sized condom!

It only feels right, when it fits right! Everything you put on your body – from gloves to hats to jackets – is perfectly designed for your size. And so is your condom – with MY.SIZE. With a custom fit condom, you will feel everything and fear nothing!

Topics such as size of condoms or perfect fitting condoms – that’s not really something we think or talk about. However, putting on the wrong condom can cause slippage, breakage, dull sensation, and above all a lack of enjoyment. Improper condoms do not feel safe: the pleasure easily fades away.

MY.SIZE -7 condom sizes for a perfect fit offer greater comfort, more safety and great feeling!

MY.SIZE – find your  perfect sized condom because every man is different! Enjoy more safety, more comfort  and greater feeling with a well fitting condom! Together with the „Vienna Boylesque Festival“ we want to celebrate difference and bring various people together. Already looking forward to this new experience!

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